Séminaire Au Vert : Les abeilles sont au travail

Johan DUPART 29 November 2019

Holing up seminar at Domaine de Frémigny.

At Domaine de Frémigny, a seminar venue south of Paris, you will discover an exceptional working environment. Find all the infrastructures and materials necessary for the successful organisation of your seminars. Especially since everything is done to make you feel comfortable there. Beyond the quality services, the location is magical.

Organize a seminar for up to 300 people in a 27 hectare park.


Installed in their hives for six months now, the bees of Domaine de Frémigny have decided to get to work.

They were eagerly waiting for the outside temperature to exceed 12°C. With the arrival of spring and the first blooms, for the Queen of Château de Frémigny and her workers, it is time to spread their wings and forage in the surrounding orchards.

For the lucky seminarians who will have their future convention, meeting or congress after the end of August, we will have the pleasure of making them taste the first fruits of their work.

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